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Living with the Lord is as natural as breathing – it's meant to be straightforward and uncomplicated. Jesus Himself laid it out plainly, saying, "I am the way." If you research it, you'll discover that the word "way" Jesus used of himself, also refers to roads. His choice of words was deliberate, signifying a foundational principle of how we are to live our lives as believers. It's like the road outside my house; it's not complex, simply there, leading me to new places. This road is a constant presence, always inviting me on an adventure.


Consider every road you see: doesn't it make you wonder where it leads? That's the essence of our journey with the Lord, and the key lies in God's name. To Moses, He revealed Himself as "I AM."


This is what I want to share in this new daily journal, "Stories on the Road." These will be daily life lessons to help you walk on the Way, the Truth, and Life with Jesus. Stories and lessons that unfold on our daily journey. My aim is to inspire you to find your road, stay on it, and enjoy the journey with Christ. I will keep them brief.


Our human nature frequently focuses on the future or the past, but God is about the here and the now – "I AM" in the present moment. Remaining on this road with Him means we'll travel today into tomorrow, together, God with us, as He did on the road to Emmaus. That's why dwelling on the past or the future leads to missing out on fellowship with the One who is with us right now. He is the way, the road, here in the present, desiring to walk with us.


So, our correct destination isn't a physical place; it's a state of being, right here in God's presence. Every step we take with Him is a step on this road. To walk with the Lord means living in the present moment with Him. It's not complicated. Why not savor this very moment with the Lord, and you will find yourself on the Way.


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