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Discover your calling and change the world!

At Emmaus Academy, children begin an extraordinary journey with Jesus - a Life Quest that leads to adventure and packed with purpose and preparation that will help them change the world they will live in. They will develop a passion for learning independently throughout life while experiencing the beauty of true Christ-centered relationships. Education in the core subjects is presented as quests which they sign up for and which are agreed to by their parents. They set out on these journeys and receive rewards at the completion of each quest.


They'll gain a fortress to live in, armor to walk in, and set out on the road that God created just for them. With in-depth discussions, hands-on quests, and real-world experiences, they'll become clear-thinking, confident individuals who make good decisions as they learn to do all things with Christ.


We believe that each child is created and equipped to fulfill God's purpose. And they are not alone - this is a journey with the Spirit of God and it’s a journey with friends. It's a journey that demands courage and strength, but they'll love to learn, love to explore God's creation, love walking in His freedom, and learn how to use their God given talents to change the world. Their Life Quest begins at Emmaus Academy, where adventure is just around the corner.


The journey starts here!

To find out more and receive the detailed plan for Emmaus Academy:

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