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Stories on the Road

FFC Family,


I'm excited to share a special resource on my heart – our new daily journal, "Stories on the Road." As someone who deeply values the simple yet profound truths of God's Word, I believe this journal will be a blessing to you. The Road to Emmaus story is so powerful and applicable to our daily lives. This is why "Stories on the Road" will help you walk with the Lord, right now, in this moment, and walk through life with Him.


Here's why I encourage you to spend just two minutes a day with it:

  1. Uncomplicated Truths: In the style you've come to expect from my teachings, each entry is straightforward and grounded in Scripture. His Word is for life.

  2. Daily Growth in Grace: These stories are designed to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. It's about taking those small, daily steps that lead to substantial spiritual growth.

  3. Practical Life Application: I've always believed in the practical application of the Bible. Each journal will helpe you to remain on the road with Him…right now, today.

  4. Encouragement for Your Faith: We all need daily encouragement to strengthen our faith. "Stories on the Road" is here to remind you of God's promises and His unwavering love for you.

  5. A Quick, Yet Powerful Read: I understand the value of your time. That's why each entry is concise, yet full of wisdom – a quick read with lasting impact.


Signing up is easy – just click the button below. I pray that "Stories on the Road" becomes a daily waypoint in your journey with Christ, strengthening and inspiring you as you walk in His truth.

I've attached the first journal for you to read. Take a moment to dive into it, and I trust it will resonate with you.


Pastor Andy

Scroll down for Stories on the Road!

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