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I am THE way - John 14:6

I am the WAY - John 14:6

The Greek word, here translated ‘way’, is hodos and it means: the way, road, highway, the trip, journey, way of life.

If we carry that thought forward, we could say that Jesus declared: “I am the way. I am your road. I am your highway. I am your trip. I am your journey. I am your way of life.”

Do you get the sense that Jesus wants to go through life with you? He loves you and wants to spend time with you, right now. Not only when you are smiling, but in your grief and sadness too. You don’t need to keep a ‘stiff upper lip’ with Him. You don’t have to ‘keep up your testimony.’

I love this picture of a path. I want to walk down that path. There’s probably a good reason why there are guardrails up ahead. You could choose to walk off the path, but you will have a more complex life experience. It’s almost comical how we think we know a better way of going through life. The Lord offers His direction but does not insist we follow Him.

His Word guards us. He wants to keep us out of relationship rocks. I walked off that path in the early parts of my life, and it was rough going. I was so surprised to learn that following God’s Word, walking with Him, actually made my life easier. As we read His Word each day, we slowly change inside. His roadmap is imprinted on our souls and spirits.

Q: In what ways have you noticed changes within yourself when you choose to follow His path?


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