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I am THE way - John 14:6

I am THE way - John 14:6

When I was 10 years old, my brothers and I (the one of us wearing an ND hat} stood on top of the Pyramid of Cheops – the great pyramid of Egypt. It was 1965 and you could still climb it in those days. It was risky, which is why my dad wisely hired a guide to take us to the top. We knew the destination – the top. But the guide knew THE way. He also took our picture.

Step by step he led us, block by block we climbed. We never questioned his decisions because He had done this many times before. In a sense, our guide was THE way. All we needed to do was to stay with him, and by following him each moment, we would reach the top. Both happened.

It would have been a mistake to get halfway to the top and suddenly decide that we could climb the rest of the way ourselves, but sadly this is how many believers’ journeys with Christ tend to go. They start strong but then, just with Christ, but then decide they can make the rest of the journey all by ourselves.

The way of Jesus is THE way, the only way, all the way to the end. He is the best way. The most peaceful way. The fruitful way. He is the road. Are you on THE road today? 

Jesus is THE way. Today. Right now. All day long. Take a breath and make Him Lord.


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