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I am the way, the truth and the life - John 14:6

I am the way, the truth and the life – John 14:6

Here's a profound truth many of us overlook: Jesus is unchanging. He is the same - yesterday, today, and forever. This means He's still actively involved in doing good and helping those you will meet today. We are His body. He would love to be free to reach others through you.

The Church is His way. Have you ever heard the tale where Jesus took a solitary three-month journey, leaving His disciples behind? I haven't either, because no such story exists. Jesus devoted His time here teaching us the path of discipleship, a path that remains unchanged.

His method? Simple yet profound. He shared meals with friends, journeyed along roads with His disciples, engaging in deep conversations about truth. In this fellowship, they dove into the profound realities of the Kingdom. It was a hands-on learning experience: they observed Jesus as He prayed for the sick, brought healing to the heartbroken, and set the captives free. Later the Christ who had been with them was now in them, and they continued His example.

Now, consider a parable. Imagine a man stranded for three years on a deserted island, all by himself, with no knowledge of Christianity. His only source of entertainment? A Bible. Over time, he begins to read, gradually understanding and embracing the teachings of Jesus. This newfound follower, who can’t wait to experience church fellowship for himself, is eventually rescued and finds himself in Miami, Florida. It’s Sunday morning, and with Bible in hand, he eagerly approaches a church. A church full of disciples!

What do you think his expectations would be? Would he anticipate encountering a community of disciples, loving one another, eager to help, praying and expecting God to change lives? Or do you think he would expect to experience a crowd of strangers who funneled in, watched the concert light show, and then left, having talked to no one?

He never changes. The Jesus in us is the same one who walked the earth. He still walks the earth in us. His way is to walk in truth and bring life to everyone He meets – through us!


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