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School of Ministry

Faith Family Church

Watch this video!

If you've felt that desire to grow deeper in your relationship with God, you feel a call to teach, or you just want to grow in your knowledge of the Word, then check out this 2 minute explanation of the School of Ministry.

After you watch this video scroll down for more information or you can begin registration.

Course 1: Foundations of Faith begins Wednesday, February 7th.

Course 1 will end February 28th.

Registration deadline is Sunday, February 4th.

Learn the practical application of the Word of God!

The School of Ministry will help you go deeper in your walk with God through the following topics:

  • Faith

  • Healing

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Christian Character for Ministry

  • Much more!!

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Student Video Testimonies

Check out what these students below received from the courses they registered for!

Cody S

Judy C

Gina M

School of ministry AdobeStock_321267631.jpeg

Have a Busy Life, but want to Grow more?

Let's be real, we all have responsibilities in life. Whether it be work, family or anything else.

The good news about the School of Ministry is that you're not locking yourself in for a whole year!

  • Pick and choose which courses interest YOU

  • Courses are about 3 - 5 weeks each

  • You can audit any course!

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What else do students say?

"I call it the school of blessing...The prayers I was praying for people, I saw stuff happen that I couldn't believe."

~ Joy M

"This class was a blessing. Because of the relationships with all the people in the class, it was so good. Everybody had the opportunity to speak up, say what they thought, and grow in God. And it was just marvelous."

~ Douglas C

"I appreciate all of you who put your work into this...It was such a blessing!"

~ Carole E

School of ministry AdobeStock_321267631.jpeg


School of Ministry (Simple).png
  • One time registration fee of $45


  • $20 per course

  • Not locking down for a full school year

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