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Our Priorities

First Things First

We have this belief that God is real, that He really does care and that He has explained in the Bible how things are supposed to be. And so His priorities are our priorities. The Church and this church belong to Him and so we strive to do things His way. How we do is just as important as what we do.

Connect With God

The Church is God’s idea, and the Bible talks about what a Church should be and our first priority is doing Church God’s way. Organization is great but you can organize God right out of the picture. The church was created to be a family, not a business.

Connect With One Another

God said it wasn’t good that man was alone. It’s still not good for man to be alone and we prioritize helping friends find friends. No one’s going to push you, but you’re going to find a wide variety of good people here.

Connect With God's Purpose

Connect With God’s Purposee; no hype – fact. There’s a gift in each of us and our happiness in life is going to be connected to connecting with our purpose. Everyone has a God-given gift. The greeter, the nursery worker and the pastor are equally important to God and therefore we share equally in our responsibility to care for His church even though we have different gifts. In God’s view, each member has an equal responsibility for the health, welfare and care of our church.

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