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2024 Chili Cook Off Rules and Instructions

It’s time to duke it out to see who makes the best pot of chili for 2024 at FFC. We’re excited for this Sunday to see who is #1! The Chili Cook Off is this Sunday after 10am service.

As we get ready, please read how the scoring will work below. We also have a set of instructions and rules so we can all be prepared for Sunday after service.

Scoring System:

Everybody’s chili will be ranked from 1-5 (1 being low, 5 being high) in 5 categories.

  1. Visual presentation

  2. Aroma

  3. Texture

  4. Taste

  5. Spice

Whoever scores the highest combined total from all 5 categories wins the Chili Cook Off!


  1. Please arrive by 9:30am with your pot of chili. This will give our volunteers time to prepare your chili for presentation.

  2. We will provide 2oz cups for samples for everybody to try. We expect up to 60 people from the church to attend. Be certain to make enough for everybody to have a sample! A tiny crockpot will not be large enough.

  3. We will not have separate contests for specialty or spicy, so make the kind of chili that you think everybody will like! This puts an extra challenge to the contest. If you make an extra spicy chili, do you think a lot of people will like that? Or if you make a very sweet chili, will more people like that? The decision is yours to make!

This is going to be a fun competition, but to make sure it is fair and fun for everybody, we have rules to ensure an equal playing field.



  1. Your chili must be a red chili.

  2. If you do not make enough chili for every taster, you will not get extra assumed votes (or votes you or somebody else thought you would have received if everybody got a taste).

  3. No manipulating votes to your pot. Keep which pot of chili is yours or somebody else’s a secret.

  4. Have fun!

Ultimately, play fair, but go for gold! After we tally all of the points, we will have an award presentation crowning the winner of the 2024 Chili Cook Off at FFC! If you have any questions feel free to text the number back that sent you this info!

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